Introducing Met Office Weather App; and seeking accessibility feedback and suggestions

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Hi Everyone,

I'm the Product Owner for the Met Office weather app.

We've have started investigating how we can improve our app to make it more accessible for blind and low vision users.

The app allows you to see the next 7 day forecast for your location or any favourite location, you can also get notified of any weather warnings in place for your safety. We have map layers and video forecasts to be able to view your forecast in a different way. We also provide extra details like sunrise/sunset, UV and Pollen.

The app is free to download with an ad version or within the app you can pay to remove ads if you wish through the settings menu:

To have an accessible app is really important to us and we know there are plenty of things that could be better at. We would really appreciate some feedback on what could be improved. Any feedback is welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks very much,


#1 Thank you

First off, thank you so much for taking on the task of making your app accessible. Apple has a screen reader built into Apple devices called Voiceover. You can learn more about it at their website.

I would say just make sure everything is labeled correctly so Voiceover can tell us what's on the screen so we know what we are doing.

Thank you


#2 Thanks for a great app, which

Thanks for a great app, which I have been using for a few years. For the moment, most of it is accessible thanks to the aforementioned screen reader VoiceOver, but as for the above commment, please provide more labels for your controls. The map layer I was not even aware of as it appears to be completely inaccessible. I'm not sure how this could be resolved however, but Apple provides plenty of documentation on how to make apps accessible to VoiceOver and the other accessibility features coming to iOS, another new innovation is coming in iOS 13, more later. Also, please improve very performance of this app for VoiceOver users, as it does feel sluggish at the moment. Of will see when you do your testing with VoiceOver enabled. Thanks again, and we sure will keep a close eye on updates to this app.

#3 Some comments

I can't seem to get the full forcast buttons in settings to work. Otherwise, my comments are gripes that I have with most weather apps, simply, not enough detail. As a blind person, just telling me that it might rain is, well, helpful, but not all that helpful. It's as likely to be wind that makes me change my plans as rain, but app designers only seem to be interested in rain for most apps. I've played about with all sorts of apps, and found that Weather Pro comes the closest in terms of information, although it is far too verbose, but that's the level of information I would like in a decent weather app, plus things like feels like and humidity. I shall certainly see how this stacks up for accuracy over time though.

#4 Thank you!

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Thank you for your speedy replies!
That gives us a good starting point to work with :)

Can I ask what you would expect a label to be?

#5 happy to demonstrate a good voiceover app in a podcast

Hi Sarah:

I'm happy to demonstrate one of my favorite weather apps, which I use quite often, if you'd like. I can eMail you a dropbox link to a demonstration of MetService, which is available in New Zealand.
In this demo, I can demonstrate good labelling, and bad labelling. I haven't put the demo together yet, however if you'd like, I can create one. Please eMail me at

#6 Thank you very much, I've

App Developer

Thank you very much, I've sent over an email :)