Introducing Television Time - keep track of your favorite shows

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Hi everyone,

My name is Maximilian Litteral, I released a new app a few weeks ago named Television Time - keep track of your favorite shows. It let's you track the show's you watch, which episodes you have seen and have missed, get alerts for when a episode airs and has many settings.

I tried to make sure that every part of the app is accessible, and provide relevant and contextual information. For each show, with voice over it will say the shows name and when the next episode airs. In the To-Watch screen it will tell you the show name, how many episodes you have left to watch and the name of the next episode. I also added instructions where I could, such as to "double tap to mark as watched" where needed.

I have not run into any accessible issues, or areas of my app that are not accessible.

I would appreciate feedback on the app, and the accessibility of the app. I am providing 5 promo codes for the app, and would really appreciate it if someone could review it and post it to the app directory. Just click on the one of the links below and it will automatically redeem the app in the App Store.

Here is a link to the app in the App Store if anyone is not fortunate enough to get a promo code :)


redemed already.

It would seem that the codes you posted are already used. I'll give the app a try though.

Quick question.

When i try to find certain shows. EG Gravity Falls. It doesn't seem to have it listed as one of the shows. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is it not listed?

I just searched for Gravity

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I just searched for Gravity falls and it found it, top result, began in 2012? Did it say "No results" or was it still loading?

I'll have to check it again.

I'll have to check it again. I tried it twice, and it didn't show up. I'll try it again, and see what i come up with. Thanks for the help.

Ya, it's definitely on the

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Ya, it's definitely on the database (where I get the show data) and it showed up. Should be top result. Trending shows are loaded when search is opened, then when you click search it will try to find new shows, if 0 results are found it will say "No results". When I searched Gravity Falls it found 3 results, with the correct show at the top. Let me know here, or use the contact function in the app if it continues not to show :( Want to get this fixed


I can't get anything to show up when I search. It's quite strange my friend.

Do any shows display in the

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Do any shows display in the Discover tab? Also could you tell me the iOS version and which phone you are using. That is very strange. Are you on LTE/Wifi? Could you try flipping on airplane mode and then off, and if you are on wifi could you try on LTE? It really should be displaying the data.

I'm using.

I'm using an iPhone 5s, running Ios 8.4. I tried lte, and wi-fi, and even 3g. Other shows show up in the discover tab, as well as the trending section of that. but nothing shows up in the search field.

Hmmm. Ok, that seem's strange

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Hmmm. Ok, that seem's strange. Could you use the in-app contact button, I'd like to send you a beta of 1.1, I'd like to try and figure out what's going on. Sorry :(

I wish I had known about this sooner today


I wish I had known about this sooner today because I would love to test this with Voice Over. I have an IPod touch fifth generation unit. And, Time Warner is my provider for cable tv services. Would you need anymore tester's? Or has that closed. Please let me know.

Television Time 1.1 has been released

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Hey everyone! Television Time 1.1 has been accepted and released with the fix for the search results bug. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

I think no entry has been

I think no entry has been created for this app yet. I'm going to submit it just now. By the way, there still seems to be a problem with searches. When typing something on the field like Star Trek, the results are not vissible for VoiceOver. I know they're there, but they can't be accessed through flicking or exploring the screen by touch.
I love the syncing. Does it work with movies too?

Of course, just create a

Of course, just create a account to sync your shows, then just login within the app settings .