Is this an iOS 10 bug?

Is this an iOS10 bug? My GF's not always seeing her wi-fi network among the list of available networks on her iPhone, but she's seeing it on her iPad.


Not sure

I'm not sure if this is a bug, because I've never experienced it, but maybe reset the phone?



I have not seen this on iOS10. However, I think I've had something similar happen on iOS 9 when I first got my ipad mini. I also think my wi-fi signal played a part. One time when I rebooted my ipad one time when I first got it, I went to reconnect to my wi-fi... & nothing happened! It kept asking for my password. We inputed it on set-up. Turns out, somehow some way all the network info got deleted!! Dad has to re-enter the data for our network! YIKES!! I think you should try deleting the info for the network on the phone & re-enter it onto the phone.

I'd also try rebooting the phone or also the wi-fi.

This is something that's a little weird but it may be part of the problem. Maybe the signal is bad? Is she seeing it only in certain parts of the house? That happens to us a lot because of our signal. We have dead zones (mainly in my room) so if there are any, I'd look into extending her signal.

I also agree with the previous posters on rebooting the phone. I'd honestly try resetting the wi-fi & phone first before you delete the network info & re-enter it on the phone. It could also be dropping the phone & that could be a sign that the router is wearing out.

I know it's a lot of options/causes/potential solutions, but I hope I gave you a few places to start at least.

Hope this helps & good luck!

I agree...


I agree with Kevin. IF her iPad or your phone can connect to the wifi, it’s not a router or signal issue.

Reset the network settings and if that doesn’t work, post here to let us know. Is this an iPhone 5c?

HTH and good luck.