ios 11 Release Date?

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Just watched the majority of the Apple special event but I did not catch when ios 11 will be released. Did anyone catch the date?


#1 September 19.

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September 19.

#2 mark it on your calendar.

September 19th is iOS 11 release day.

#3 iOS version 11.0, build 15A372 release date

It'll be released on Tuesday the 19th of September

#4 iOS 11 relies date confirmed

hello Sara,
the Ios 11 is going to be releeced to all on september 18th.

#5 iOS 11 release date

It'll be released on September 19.

#6 Hi,

I'm assuming that MacOs high sierra will be released on the date that iOS will be released, am i right? or will it be out later on/today.

#7 Thank You

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Thanks for the info. I would imagine that the Mac OS would release that same day too.

#8 September 19th!

September 19th is the release date for the new IOS.

#9 Ios 11

For thouse of people that was installed ios 11 beta, yesterwday the final version is out, i was installed on my iPhone 6 don't shure if i will install on my iPhone 7. because a few bugs that i had e experience in ios 11.