iOS 13 and voice over voices.

Is anyone else having problems with selecting a voice for voiceover after updating to iOS 13. When I updated my voice was Tom enhanced end it change by it self. Is anyone else having problems with selecting different voices?


Happened to me too.

I think Samantha is just the default voice that it switches to when you update. Happened to me too. Just stopping and restarting voiceover fixes the problem and your regular voice will come back.

New Siri Voice

Is anyone able to get the new deep learning Siri voice to work? After installing iOS 13, I erased my phone so I could set up as new. After doing so, I had no options in the voice list for VoiceOver at all. It took a couple restarts, and some time, but now I have all the old options of iOS 12, the new Rishy compact voice, and Siri Indian voices that don't work, but the deep learning Siri voices for US English are not able to be used with voiceover. I'm really really disappointed, as this was something I was really looking forward to using. I will contact Apple Accessibility about this tomorrow, but can anyone else confirm that these new voices don't work for them as well? I am using an iPhone XR.

Not sure

I don’t see any option for a different siri voice, all I see is the regular ones that were there before.

device specific?

I have just written to Apple Accessibility about the neural text-to-speech Siri voices and wondering why they won't work on VoiceOver. It seems like that the Siri voice is using a combination of recordings from the voice talent and neural text-to-speechgenerated utterances.
I wonder if the Indian English voices are device-specific? Are they like what used to be with the Ireland and South Africa English voices for Siri? I am on an iPhone SE, and though I only use American and British Siri voices, I will give this Indian one a try if it works well on this, my main phone.