iOS 6.0.2 update

Hello all I recently find news just after done the new update for iOS devices 6.0.2 This happens when I pluged my iPhone to the PC when fiew seconds laters listened the progress indicated without pressing anything on my device I was sinking my iPhone to the PC. When om the same time did the iOS update. What do you think about the new update? I found the follow info to read; WebImagesPlacesNewsMore Search Results Phones Review Users complaining of quicker battery loss after iOS 6.0.2 update Tech2-12 hours ago Apple has recently released its latest update for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini in order to ... More sources Reports surface on issues with recent iOS 6.0.2 update for ... ZDNet-Dec 19, 2012 Summary: The recent iOS 6.0.2 update may have a additional "feature" that users ... iPhone 5 Users Reporting Faster Battery Drain Following iOS ... Maclife-Dec 21, 2012 iPhone 5 Users Reporting Faster Battery Drain Following iOS 6.0.2 Update ... iPhone 5 Users Experience Battery Issues With iOS 6.0.2 Update RedOrbit-20 hours ago When Apple released the latest update to iOS 6 this week, some users noticed their ... iOS 6.0.2 Is Killing iPhone 5, iPad Mini Battery Life Cult of Mac-Dec 20, 2012 Apple released its iOS 6.0.2 update over-the-air to select devices earlier this week, ... Apple Insider Some users report iPhone 5 battery life issues with iOS 6.0.2 Apple Insider-Dec 21, 2012 Apple's newly released iOS 6.0.2 update for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini may have ... Apple Release iOS 6.0.2 To Zap Wi-Fi Bugs, But Users Finding ... TechCrunch-Dec 18, 2012 Apple is pushing out iOS 6.0.2, a minor update that is said to provide a possible fix for ... Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 Update, Promises Fix For Wi-Fi Issues IGN-Dec 18, 2012 After complaints of intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple has released a new software ... Apple addresses another Wi-Fi bug with iOS 6.0.2 update Ars Technica-Dec 18, 2012 Apple has released another minor OS update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users ... Apple's iOS 6.0.2 software update fixes Wi-Fi bug on iPhone 5 ... 19, 2012 The Cupertino-based company isn't giving much additional information about iOS 6.0.2, but we assume ... 1 2 3 4 5 Next » Help Feedback Advanced search Sign in Settings Privacy View Google in: Mobile | Classic Home‎ Advertising‎ Business‎ About‎


#1 Not Certain

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Hello Marco, I'm not certain in what to say other than what you have already said above? I have been reading those very same articles you have posted up above. Basically, in what I have read is this. If you are having any kind of wi-fi problems with your iPhone 5 or your iPad Mini then they are suggesting you to go ahead and update. Those that are not experiencing the problem with the wi-fi on those devices. They are suggesting to hold off and do not update. However, I do have the IOS 6.0.2 on my device and I am not experiencing the battery drainage problem at all. So take that with a grain of salt. Just because I don't have the issues doesn't mean you won't. So just be advised.

#2 New IOS update

Are they releasing the updates to separate areas of the world? When I check under general and updates, I'm told that my 6.01 is up to date. Earlier this week, I also saw on twitter that NFB newsline had a new version in the app store. I haven't seen that update either.

#3 iOS 6.02 is only for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Hi This update only applies to the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. so if you have anything other than that, you won't see the update at all. I installed it Thursday night when I first saw it come up and I haven't had any issues with it.

#4 IOS 6.02

Oops, sorry, I have the 4s

#5 Fixed my problem

My iPad Mini had problems getting correct time zone so when I came over to Arizona from California the time was an hour off. After the update, all is good with the current time now.