IOS 8 and my problems?

Hi there.

I am new to Apple VIS and just wondered if any of you technical people can give me a simple answer to my problems with IOS 8, and the best way to get things fixed.

I have, or had an iphone 4s, which has recently died, and an ipad 2. Until the advent of IOS 8 I was astonished at how accessible both devices were, and what a difference they were making to my access to the web and all the rest of it. However, as with many of you guys, I read that many people have had big problems since September, like I.

As I say, my phone died on Thursday, and I am thinking that instead of repairing it, I may upgrade to 5s instead. I am also very exasperated by the ipad 2 now and was considering moving up to ipad 4 with the hope that a lot of these problems would not be present.
However, as I am not very technical with this stuff, I am concerned that I am about to spend an awful lot of money, and perhaps not be back to where I was before?

Sorry, because this probably seems a very silly post to many of you technical fokes but it is driving me mental.

Any advice very warmly welcomed.

Best regards




Welcome to applevis! I have an iPhone 5S that I got on upgrade day last year, september of 2014, and have no real need to upgrade to the 6 or 6 plus now. However, as there are other posts on here about which phone to get, I would recommend either the 6 or 6 plus and get as much space as you can afford. I personally think that you should have a lot more space than what you think you would need incase of downloading apps that take up loads of room. If you get a 16 gigabyte phone or device, you only have about 12 GB available to you. Also, the latest hardware can support more iOS versions down the road. If you get an iPhone 6, and the latest iPad air, then you'll be supported until iOS 9 or later, and it will run faster than an iPhone 5/5C/6S, even though the 5S is plenty fast for my needs. Oh, yes, the 6/6 plus have bigger batteries, so if you want more battery life, go for the 6 plus.
Take care.

I agree, go for the 6 if you can

If size is an issue for you, the 6 is larger than the 5s but provides incredible battery life. I can go almost 24 hours without charging mine. Keep in mind this is with background app refresh turned off,the screen curtain turned on, and a few other changes to settings, but even without those things turned on, the battery life will be much better. I was amazed at the battery life when I got my iPhone 6 back in November. So yeah, either the 6 or the 6 plus will do well for you I believe.