iOS calendar like a diary

I am a frequent diary writer but have not found an app that tracks location which I need; unfortunately not the weather. Would it work to use iOs calendar as diary


I'm actually experimenting

I'm actually experimenting with doing that at the moment, and I can't see a lot of reason not to.

Obviously, I'd suggest creating a new calendar for just your journal, and maybe even consider using another app to write to it. I'm using a shortcut to do it, and there's also an app called, I think, Petes Journal that I'm sure I saw here on Applevis. It's not great with Voiceover, but it's usable.

The way mine works is the event title is sort of a topic sentence, even if it's just something basic like today's journal, and then the notes field has the actual entry.

Another option would be the app Day One, I'm sure that does both location and weather, or even using the Drafts app, which I'm pretty sure can track the location of where a Draft was written.

If you went with either Drafts or Calendar, I'm reasonably sure you could write a Shortcut to grab the days weather and insert it in the journal entry. If you were interested I could certainly help you with that.

Let me know if any of that helps.

In the Calendar app, tap on

In the Calendar app, tap on calendars. This is where you choose which calendars get displayed. Right at the bottom should be something that says add calendar.


I would like help with the weather shortcut.

Pete's journal

I gave Pete's journal a good try and I have decided that I love it. I was the one creating the directory entry.

question about native calendar

Is there a way to browse past years back in an easy way? Or can I search for a date? Or somehow find it?

I will, but I'm about to head

I will, but I'm about to head to another state for a couple of weeks, so I'm not going to have a lot of time. In the meantime, I've made up the simplest version of the shortcut. All this does is copy the current weather conditions at your current location to the clipboard.

Now, if you've never run a shared Shortcut before, you'll need to do two things to make this work. Run at least one shortcut that's in the gallery in the shortcuts app at least once, and then go into settings and allow untrusted Shortcuts. Then you should be able to import this.Right now it's set up to be accessible from the share sheet, although you can change that in the Shortcut itself and make it appear in the Shortcuts widget if you use that. Also, it uses current location by default. Again you can edit the Shortcut to hard code a location if you'd prefer that: it might be quicker, to run that way, I'm not sure.

And finally, you can change the format the weather is in, if you want, and add other conditions like UV level and such, but explaining how to do that would make this comment even longer. Let me know how this goes for you and if you need any more help. It might take a while, but I will reply, ☺️


is there a good and easy way to browse?
I turned off everything in my speccial diary calendar and now it only shows my entries.

Have you guys tried the Day

Have you guys tried the Day One app? It's a journaling app, which entries can contain text, audio, photos or videos. When you create a new entry, it adds your current (or if you wish, custom) location to the entry, along the weather. There's tons of additional metadata options. It can add your current activity automatically ((driving, flying, resting, walking), currently playing song, current stepcount even.

The entries can be rich text formated, with tags, so they are easy to find. Day one also integrates with Social Media, so if you create a post on social media, which you'd want to preserve in your diary, you can do that easily.

It can show your entries in timeline form or as a calendar.
Just another solution to consider.

Heres Day One in Applevis directory


I love this app now and am going to get the anual subscription on my birthday the 17 december.
It has EVERYTHMGG I want and even more. Never tried it before but decided to give it a try.

I got it today

App works really great. I upgraded today.
Just a question; is there a way to set a title because it is hard to see the weather and location now.Except for that I love the app.

Theres a setting somewhere in

Theres a setting somewhere in preferences to consider the first line of entry as a title. I am not shure whats it's state by default, but if you activate that, it shows the first line as a title in the timeline.

cannot gge. it working

t sure what you mean. I am currently not seeing the weather when I tap the entry so I will have to read everything before coming to weather and location and that is why I asked if I can create a title. Brilliant app.(

my experiments

I have played around with this and found the actual iOs calendar works. I can tap where it says location and then current. The weather shortcut is awesome. It rocks. This is from,now my number one journal. I like I can title my entries.