Does anybody remember a dark room?

As the subject line says, does anybody remember a dark room? I just bought it yesterday and I am amazed. Truely, this game should be celebrated. I created this topic so people could talk about this again and answer questions about it. I have not completed it, but I am close.
It is amazing that this game is still on the App Store. It was updated just last year. This thread is also used to discuss the ensign, which is a dark room’s prequel. Let’s start the discussion!


#1 those

those two games are some of my favorites. The ensign is really hard, but its amazing

#2 Hello! What games are they?

Hello! What games are they? Audio or text games? If they are audio I try them! Are they for IPhone?

#3 They are text games. A Dark

They are text games. A Dark Room was pretty popular in the mainstream iOS games market. I remember seeing articles about it on tech blogs. I never really got into them though.

#4 Is This The Same...

Is this perhaps the same as Dark Room Sex? Not trying to start a flame war or anything, but I remember seeing that game on the Audio Games site. Has it been updated?

#5 a dark room and dark room sex game

lmao, both are different games
the first is a text non erotic game for IOS and the latter is an audio erotic game concept.
Not been updated but its still around if you want it.
a dark room is a real fun game, I still play it from time to time whenever I have a few minutes to spare :D