Fruitpot Experimental Games Disappearing

Hi all,

So I've been playing Fruitpot for a long time now, even after it was discontinued. I unlocked the experimental games, (Westopia, Well of Wishes, Super Fruit Machine etc.), and I have been playing them happily for a week or two, when they suddenly disappeared. I could only see the 3 Heroes games at the bottom of the Shops list.

Does anyone have a clue on why these games disappeared and how to get them back? (I know this game is not in the app store now, so the support will be limited.)




#1 lab

you need over 10000 chips to be able to use it, though you don't need to use the chips.e

#2 Thanks a lot, Sabrina

This clarifies a lot. I was splurging and bought a lot of stuff and the shops XD. I didn’t know that you actually had to have 10,000 chips stored in order to use the experimental games. Good to know