GoldGun, to be released on 31st January 2019

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We, at myTrueSound (Finland), are very happy to announce that "GoldGun, the adventure of a blind policeman", will be launched next 31st January 2019.
After few demos and few months of hard work we are getting kinda ready.
Betatesting process is going well.

The game is a cinematic experience (no graphics though) implemented with our own augiogame engine IMAGE (but we talk about that software other day). On the game, you will play through a series of 7 episodes the adventures of Soren, a blind policeman fighting against all sorts of criminals operating in the deepweb.

more info in this site, at, and at other social media channels
Stay tuned. More updates to come.
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#1 assuming the game will be useable with voiceover?

This game sounds interesting. Although I'm not generally in to games involving crime, I think I might be checking this game out when it is released. One question though, will people who use voiceover be able to play the game? And will it be a free or paid app?

#2 thanks for the question. The

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thanks for the question. The game doesn't need voiceover. And it is fully accessible. It actually doesn't have visuals at all; it is only played thanks to immersive audio.

The game is delivered in episodes, because if we try to do it at once, we will never get it done. So we decided to publish each episode as we get them ready. If people buys the game, then we keep publishing. Each episode costs 2.5 €. We can't go forward for less (I mean, my team will go away if I don't compensate them, you know how this goes).

However, we have two other completely different games on the pipeline. We have done our own audiogame engine, that enables faster implementation of games. But I prefer to talk about that another day. : ) Stay tuned

#3 Great.

I will be looking forward to it.

#4 We are also really waiting

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We are also really waiting for it! Thanks!

#5 It sounds very interesting

I cannot wait for this game to be released. Definitely, I will give it a try. As for the prize, I don't really care as long as the game is accessible. We have to support the developers so that they keep making games.

#6 not a bad price to start with

$2.83 in American currency isn't a high price at all for a good game. My question though, and I don't know if you can answer it, is this: If we buy the first portion of the game, and then you decide not to continue because not enough people bought this first one, will each installment be able to be played as a full game rather than leaving us with an uncompleted game? I would hate to have bought 6 installments and then be left with an uncompleted game due to a decision to not produce the concluding chapter. Hopefully, wy wording wasn't too confusing. Thanks. Also, it makes perfect sense that there are no visual effects to the game. After all, the police officer is blind.

#7 Thanks!. We are trying to do

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Thanks!. We are trying to do our best. And more games are to come.

#8 Respond to @charles

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I understood the wording perfectly. Our plans are far away from discontinuing the work half way. Don't worry. We really want to tell the story until the end. At the same time, each episode will bring new surprises and new ways (we call them minigames) to interact with the game. And each will look more and more professional.

Really hope that you like it too.

#9 Yes!

This made me smile, thank you for all the effort! I'm looking forward

#10 Sounds Like Another Case Of Blind Justice

Hey, does anyone remember that cornball TV series called Mike Longstreet. He was that amazing blind cop with that amazing police dog guide. Makes me think of Alice's Restaurant and the blind judge. I wanna be the first blind astronaut; I wanna touch the stars!

#11 sound great

This game sounds great. I'll give it a try when it comes out. Cant wait

#12 wow! let's have some action.

I will really try it. but I have a question. does this game has a traler? if it does, send it in this blog.

#13 there will be a trailer

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Hi . There will be a trailer, sure! It will be presented here, and also on other social media like our website or twitter. Stay tuned. Thanks for asking.

#14 cool game

Cool game. Glad to see such a thing coming out.
So will the game be professionally voice acted?

#15 Very pro voice acting

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Hi and thanks for the question

Definitely yes. The game is a playable movie, and it includes action, but also lots of feelings, and the relationships between the characters get built as the game advances. That could not be solved with voice over, or with emotionless electronic voices. That being said, the process of finding adequate voice actors has been also interesting. And we are quite happy with what we got. But I can't tell more about that...yet.

#16 Since you are in finland...

Just curious, also since you are in finland, I'm assuming the game will come out in finnish and english? I think my friend would love to play it also if it comes out in finnish.

#17 this sounds cool

this sounds cool. I might just have to grab this next year.

#18 Only English

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This game includes lots of dialogues, so it is not only the challenge of finding voice actors matching the original ones, but also of translating the text from english to finnish. We were very interested in doing it in spanish too, but we had to cut down at this point our intentions to a realistic level, so that we could publish and see market response.

#19 testing

how can i test?

#20 about testing

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Hi and others that asked about testing

We understand the interest about testing the game, and still that is not going to be possible.

But to compensate you all, we will publish about middle of January a side story we created once, as a free to play demo version. It is a short one, it only includes some of the functionalities we are bringing into GoldGun, and it is not as cool as GoldGun....but nevertheless, it uses the same game mechanics we apply now, and the sound assets were also pretty well done.

More news about that soon

Best regards

#21 Would love to try this :)

Would love to try this :)

#22 Sounds interesting

Hi, I definitely think that I will try this game when it is released. However, I’m using Safari and there appears to be nothing on your website at the moment, can anyone confirm that? Or is something happening on my end.

#23 Never mind

Never mind, I went onto my laptop and it’s working fine.

#24 how many game mode

does it have any game mode to let us play with other gamer ?
I hope it is a exciting game. not just a interacting novel or choice games.

#25 Looking forward to playing this game

This game sounds awesome! I will definitely be picking it up I'm January 31.

#26 good it works in Safari

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Hei Chopra. Sorry I did not reply before. I did not realize of your message before. I'm glad you visit our website. We are bringing some updates there soon, regarding a competition to win some episodes for free, and then about the other game, AudioWizards, we are working on.

#27 not multiplayer yet, but...

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Very interesting question. Multiplayer is tricky. We did a demo before the summer, as a proof of concept, based on a escape room idea where two friends felt to be on the same space together. Even though it worked, we realized we need to work on it many many weeks before we get it done at a level which is pro enough to be published. I love to play multiplayer. Actually, I only play multiplayer. So it is part of our plans, and one will be true. But we need more developers for it, and with current budget is impossible. If GoldGun success on sells, and the other two games we are preparing too, sure, we will try to scale up and bring multiplayer as default with our titles.