Is Lifeline: Whiteout accessible and playable?

Hi all.

I've recently discovered the Life Line series of games by 3 Minute Games. I love them and they are totally accessible. However i baught a game called White Oat, and i cannot interact with it at all with Voice over. Voice Over just makes that sound when nothing is on screen. Has anybody discovered how to fix this? It is a shame really as all the other games in the series are completely accessible.

Thanks for any help or suggestions :).


#1 Whiteout is mostly accessible

You can't use the main app, but you can play Whiteout in the Lifeline Library

#2 White Oat 2 works, and all the other life line games work


White Oat 2 works, but White oat doesn't work. All the other life line games work though. It really is a shame though that it doesn't work though :(