Star Trader elite Accessibility

wondering if Star Trader Elite is Voice Over Accessible Before I buy it. Any Help on this would be appreciated. Thanks Dave


#1 As far as I remember, it is.

I guess I will have to give it another try. As far as I remember, the game is accessible. The only thing with the elite version is that you get more options available. Have you played the free version?

#2 Yay

The elite version is indeed fully accessible. I bought it today because I loved the free version. I love it so far. It's a real,ly cool game.

#3 blue arrow

It says that I should go to waypoint and there's supposed to be something blue there. How do I know where that is?

#4 Thanks for your feed backs

Thanks both for your answers, No I haven't played either yet, cause I was making sure they were Voice Over compatible. Do yall know if any other games from this company is Voice Over compatible? Thanks Dave.

#5 More info

Okay, the game is fully accessible except for the main menu where there are some unlabeled buttons but that is not important. The buttons in the game even have VoiceOver hints.n That rocks. I just wish there was a way to know where is a waypoint. It talks about waypoints and I cannot see where they are.

#6 Star traders 4x elite

Is this accessible star traders elete the same as star traders 4x elite?

The only star traders I can find on the app store is star traders 4x empires and star traders 4x empires elite. When I go into it, it puts voiceover into a text box that I can't find anyway out of, and it doesn't say what the text box is for. Can anyone help with this? Is it not accessible anymore, and do I even have the right game.

#7 Do not buy star traders 4x empires

That is not the Star Traders we all know of. The game they are talking about a Star Traders RPG. Unfortunately that has been removed from the App Store star traders 4X empires has nothing to do with the Star Traders they are talking about