User names for game partners

Hi, I play the following games if anybody wants to play. I play dice world and my name on there is jamie9696. My user name for trivia crack and trivia crack kingdoms is @JamiePrater and I also play hanging, the paid version. I can't remember my hanging number but I'm on facebook as Jamie Prater and twitter as ddestiny38 if this helps anybody. I've played a bit of bubble island but I'm not sure this is ever a partner game. I'm more of a beginner in dice world than the trivia games. Sports is my worst and weakest area in trivia and Bible the strongest. I don't know which cards I have in trivia crack and when I looked, I found a huge list and am wondering how I could have earned all of them in such a short time, lol. Thanks and have a blessed day.


#1 My names ingames

My username for Dice World is Sabrina Mari Fagerheim and on trivia crack it is Sabrina Fagerheim' I just got that game though' on hanging with friends I am Breesongflower or bree songflower' Just send the games ifyou want to play me'