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Hello all. As you know, I live in Greece and I would like to launch an internet radio station about blind individuals and the way they are treated in this country. Does anyone know of an voiceover accessible app that would allow me to broadcast live? I don’t just want to play songs. I’d like to do live podcasting and discussions. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to your answer. Maria.


#1 The setup we use

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I work at Blind Power, which is a small internet radio station.
To do our live shows, we combine two products:
First, we use Bossjock Studio to basically produce the show: Mixing music, jingles and live voice into one good bit of audio.
Look at Bossjock Studio here:

Then, to send this out into the World Wide Web, we use ICast 2, as discussed here:

This app will send out mp3, aac+ or some other audio streams to an Icecast server of your choice.

We‘ve been using this setup for quite some time, and it works all right.

Sad thing is that neither of these apps enjoy frequent updates. ICast 2 just received an upgrade, but Bossjock Studio has not been touched for more than two years I think. This doesn‘t need to be a bad thing. However, I must warn you if you need technical support, you may not get it from the developers.
Good Luck with your broadcasts!