anyone else having issues with Braigo?

Hi all!
I updated to the latest ios., and am running the latest version of Braigo. I was using it yesterday without a hitch. Now, when I tried reading a meme with it, it let me upload it, but when I tried opening it, I got an alert saying: internal server error java lang null point exception.

I tried 2 different photos & got the same result. I used another app, & the photo was read smoothly.

I heard something about Apple changing images from .jpg or .png to .heif, & I can't find a setting to turn that off. The photos I got were .jpg. And they were pulled from Facebook.

My questions are:
1. Where is the setting to turn that off (if there is one?)
2. Is anyone else experiencing any issues with Braigo? I figured I'd ask before I send an email to the dev. Thanks for any help in advance!



Dawn I also tried to upload a picture to braigo and got the same thing that you got. I then read it using Seeing AI and it read it with no issues.

emailed devs

Okay. I emailed the devs last night. When this app crashed previously, I emailed them about it, and they were super responsive.
I'm hoping that trend continues.

not a photo format error

Internal server error
this is a java script error on the server webpage

thank u

Thank you for translating that for me! lol
Glad it's not photo conversion because I went looking at my sejtings and couldn't find a toggle to turn .heif images off.
I've moved Braigo out of my doc. until it's fixed & am currently using OCR., & AM WAITING ON THE DEVS TO GET BACK WITH ME. i'll post back here with responses.


I’m also experiencing the same problem with exactly the same message and am also now using OCR I hope you get positive answers from the help desk ASAP and and cam let us know how to resolve the problem


Hello all! I got a response from the devs to my email! According to them, when a knew ios. version was released, it caused some issues with the app. They also said that in a day or 2 an update will be pushed out.

I will be updating & highly recommend you do the same. They told me to let them know if it solves the problem, which I'm hoping it does. I suggest you do the same. I'll post back here with updates. But, I just thought I'd keep everyone informed!