anyone else having issues with Braigo?

Hi all!
I updated to the latest ios., and am running the latest version of Braigo. I was using it yesterday without a hitch. Now, when I tried reading a meme with it, it let me upload it, but when I tried opening it, I got an alert saying: internal server error java lang null point exception.

I tried 2 different photos & got the same result. I used another app, & the photo was read smoothly.

I heard something about Apple changing images from .jpg or .png to .heif, & I can't find a setting to turn that off. The photos I got were .jpg. And they were pulled from Facebook.

My questions are:
1. Where is the setting to turn that off (if there is one?)
2. Is anyone else experiencing any issues with Braigo? I figured I'd ask before I send an email to the dev. Thanks for any help in advance!


#1 Braigo

Dawn I also tried to upload a picture to braigo and got the same thing that you got. I then read it using Seeing AI and it read it with no issues.

#2 emailed devs

Okay. I emailed the devs last night. When this app crashed previously, I emailed them about it, and they were super responsive.
I'm hoping that trend continues.

#3 not a photo format error

Club AppleVis Member

Internal server error
this is a java script error on the server webpage

#4 thank u

Thank you for translating that for me! lol
Glad it's not photo conversion because I went looking at my sejtings and couldn't find a toggle to turn .heif images off.
I've moved Braigo out of my doc. until it's fixed & am currently using OCR., & AM WAITING ON THE DEVS TO GET BACK WITH ME. i'll post back here with responses.

#5 Braigo

I’m also experiencing the same problem with exactly the same message and am also now using OCR I hope you get positive answers from the help desk ASAP and and cam let us know how to resolve the problem

#6 response

Hello all! I got a response from the devs to my email! According to them, when a knew ios. version was released, it caused some issues with the app. They also said that in a day or 2 an update will be pushed out.

I will be updating & highly recommend you do the same. They told me to let them know if it solves the problem, which I'm hoping it does. I suggest you do the same. I'll post back here with updates. But, I just thought I'd keep everyone informed!