Be my eyes does not work for me

Hello again!
Be my Eyes do not work for me. I activated an account as blind, and when I logged in, what can I do? there is 0 helper, settings, 100%, 22k, blind, be my Eyes network etc.
How will I find any helper? how will we connect each other by video call? It's wierd!!! Can I choose someone helper or it is random World wide or specifik country? How can I see who are online or not?


#1 Press the first button and get help.

Hello Jason,

All you have to do is press the Connect to First Available Helper button and the process of connecting you to a volunteer is automatic from there.

Please feel free to visit for a podcast Allison and I did to demonstrate Be My Eyes.

#2 nothing hyappens

No, I can't find any connect button. I'm tapping everywhere and nothing happens. new helper, nothing, blind nothing, there is'nt anything. During settings there is my name, last name e-mail address etc, there is 100k, 50% I dont know what that menas.. There also is 100 persons helped I dont know.