Checking the Weather in Other Locations in Weather Gods

Hello there.

Anyone able to tell me how, if there is a way of course, i would check the weather in another location other than the ones for which i already have set up notifications in Weather Gods please? I can't seem to find a "search cities" or similar option. I simply want to do a weather check for the said location rather than receive regular notifications about it.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


#1 Hi,

I would try finding the name of the city that is currently showing up on screen, double tapping on it, you should then be presented with a search field from where you can type a location, hit search, then it should come up with a list of locations.
I've tried this earlier, and it worked.

#2 Other locations

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Thanks Justin, spot on.

Hi Rachel. you can also access locations that you've loaded and which aren't favourites by double tapping the location name at the top of the screen.

Next. swipe down until you find 'Recent Places', keep swiping and you will get a list of locations you have accessed in chronological order. It might be quicker than going back to search every time.


#3 Hi,

I didn't even think of that one! lol. Thanks, I completely forgot about that way of also finding locations that have been searched/visited before.

#4 Custom action in rotor

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I did have an idea of setting a custom action in the rotor which would allow access to the list of recent locations or favourites.

How useful would this be?

#5 Thanks

Thanks for that. I didn't try that i'll admit. It's working but for some reason it's been a bit temperamental sometimes, like telling me no results for a place i know has no typos lol. Needs to learn its way round northeast england a bit more perhaps? Lol :)

#6 Thanks scott :)

Thanks very much scott. Just come across "recent searches" while i've been sat playing around. Very useful and quicker, like you say, than searching each time. Fantastic work by the way - i much prefer using weather gods to the built-in one :)

#7 Thanks Rachel :)

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Glad you like it. We just put out the 1.4 release if you have an Apple Watch ?

We are from Dorset and Devon ... hence our North East geography is a bit patchy :) We'll have to venture further than Birmingham and make a note of some more locations :)

#8 Custom action in rotor

Interesting idea. I worry slightly that this might make accessing recent searches a bit difficult certainly for me (the rotor does slow me down a bit i'll admit). Would it still be possible to have the option of using the method described above as well?

#9 Custom action in rotor

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Yes, definitely would keep the app as it is. I haven't really explored developing for the rotor - I find it a bit cumbersome, but I assume it's because I'm not using it all the time.

I would have it so you could access from any of the main screens and change location. It might save some taps and swipes.

#10 Lol :)

Lol :) it knows redcar (where i live), leeds, york, bradford, but didn't do scarborough or witby (both just down the east coast from redcar. Don't have an apple watch - look forward to trying the update on the phone.

#11 GB Locations

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Ah, I see what you mean, if you type the full name and then a space and then GB - this forces a wider search - I got about 20 hits for Whitby, including the bus station and railway station :)

It also limits the locations returned to the UK. The same trick works for other countries as well e.g. FR for France, US for USA etc

#12 Locations

Yes i've just been playing around some more and was amazed how many results for scarborough came up (once i figured the right spelling that is lol) mainly in the US and canada. However when i typed "scarborough united kingdom" (without the quotes) i was told "no results".

#13 Custom action in rotor

It may be worth looking into, but personally i find the rotor a bit of a slow means to perform something. I myself, for speed if anything else, would stick with swiping and tapping. Would be interesting to hear other voiceover users' thoughts.

#14 Add locations to the favourites.

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If you are a smartphone user then you can also move to the locations that might be executed, add to the favourites and you can find weather of any location. Then drag down and select the location. Applying this small process, you can find out the weather news of any location in just a few seconds.

#15 Locations

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Hi Rachel,

Can you try 'scarborough GB' (without quotes) please - that will filter to UK

#16 No results

Hi scott.

This is weird. I've tried typing scarborough GB, even scarborough great britain, and each time i've got no results. Is this my device or my signal playing up? How clear do we need to make it? Lol. I'll keep playing and update you.

#17 No results

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Weird, I just typed same as you and got about 10 results for scarborough GB. Not sure why it's not working for you :(

#18 Beginning to think it's my device

I've just tried searching for various locations, i double-tap search in the bottom right, and even after waiting what feels like an age my keyboard isn't disappearing. Anything else i could try to get rid of it in the hope i then get some search results?

#19 Search

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Hmmm, the way the search works is it fills the results as you type. I'm not sure pressing search does anything, but it's what comes with the Apple dialog for search.

We start searching after two letters.

So, you should have a list of results below the input field after you've typed scarborough GB.

Can you swipe on to the results from the input box?

#20 No idea how it's happened!

Ok i've absolutely no idea what exactly i did but i've just managed to get a result. I typed scarborough gb, then all i was getting as i swiped around was each individual character. After a while, for some reason (and probably completely by accident) i touched the top left corner of the screen. I then heard the result i wanted so double-tapped it quick lol. Maybe the lesson for today: stay clear of the bottom right of the screen while searching :)

#21 Search

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To be honest Rachel, I don't think our search is very accessible. I'm going to see if I can improve it.

Glad you've got Scarborough though :)

#22 Thanks for bearing with

Got there :) sister is on holiday there this week - fun keeping tabs on the weather in the hope she might have it worse than us lol :) thanks so much for bearing with all my attempts. Keep up the fantastic work - this app is by far the best in my view :)

#23 Data entry

I think that's the way data entry works in iOS when using the on-screen keyboard. If you're entering data in an edit field from the on-screen keyboard and you flick left and right, you just move around the keyboard. You must touch the edit field or somewhere else above the keyboard to change focus from the keyboard to the controls above the keyboard. Search works this same way in the App Store.

#24 Data entry

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Ah, thanks for confirming Jeff. Still seems not particularly accessible though.