copying and pasteing

i wonder if anyone can help? to copy text it is tap four times with three fingers but how do you paste what you have coppied to another edit field.


copying and pasteing

I understand that you are using iOS7 for the Gesture mention above
so then move a head
using the voiceOver rotor feature
rotate until reach
once you have on this option
flick down until reach
and finally press
double tap on it
I hope this helps.


You could try a one finger double tap and hold when in a text field. A "Paste" button should then pop up. Sometimes you have to flick right or left to find it, however, I've noticed in iOS7 the paste option is usually announced straight away so you just double tap to activate it.

After copying

Navigate on your phone to the program and/or edit field you wish to paste into. Turn the Voiceover roter until you reach edit, flick up or down to select paste, then double tap. You're done. That's it. Hope this helps.