Deleting Contacts on iPhone

I have several garbage contacts on my iPhone 4S. How do you completely delete a contact, and all details having to do with it? Thanks.


#1 Deleting contacts

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Hi Roger. Open the contact. Press the Edit button in the top-right of the screen. Then scroll to the very bottom of the screen and press the Delete button.

#2 Deleting Contacts

Locate the contact you'd like to delete. Double-Tap on the Edit button found on the top right. Perform a three-finger swipe up, which should take you to the bottom of the Contact page. the Delete button should be there waiting for you to double-tap on it. Happy Deleting!

#3 four finger tap

Another way to quickly delete the contact you want is a gesture short cut known as a four finger tap on the screen in question. I can't remember which way it takes you but depending if you four finger tap at the top or bottom of the screen, this will take you to the top or bottom of the given screen. . If you know windows then think of it as the control home and end keys that takes you to the very top or bottom of a document. So once you have hit the edit button on your contact you want to delete, use this gesture and it should take you straight to the bottom of the screen where you'll find the delete button. Double tap and then again to insure that you really want to get rid of the contact. I use this gesture all the time e.g. when I'm trying to record me playing at the piano. So that I can upload it to my youtube channel. It can take me many takes before I'm satisfied with the results. LOL So at times, I have to delete all the videos because of them taking up memory usage and using this gesture makes me more effective in starting over again. At any rate, its a good gesture to know. I hope it can help you too someday.

#4 Login to your iCloud account

Login to your iCloud account online, click "contacts". From there I just held down the shift key and selected the ones that were in a row that I wanted to delete, then hit the delete key. This is the fastest way I have found. Read more: