Difficulties with UberEats app

I have some accessibility challenges with the UberEATS app. When they added the ability to add restaurants to favorites, The restaurant listing no longer behaves properly with VoiceOver. There are headings within the listing such as "new on UberEats," under 30 minutes," "your go-to's," Etc. but none of the restaurant names beneath these headings are announced with VoiceOver. As I flick right I only hear the favorite button being announced for each item. When I finally get down to the "more restaurants" heading, the names of restaurants are finally accessible here. It would be nice to be able to access them by those categories though.
The other issue came up with the latest update. After you go back into a previous order, you have the ability to give feedback about the food and the driver as well as leave a tip for the driver. With the new functionality of adding a tip, it appears this screen is no longer accessible. The buttons to give a thumbs up or thumbs down are unlabeled so there is no way to know which one you are clicking on. I also couldn't figure out how to submit my changes. I would hit continue and it just kept taking me in circles. Overall it just seems like a very badly designed page.
My first question is, has anybody else experienced these problems and found a solution? Secondly, does anyone know how to get ahold of Uber's accessibility team to report problems with their app ? I couldn't find a link to it anywhere.


#1 I can only answer part of your question

Regarding rating your driver and the food, when you swipe through the buttons that say "thumb", the first "thumb" button when you swipe right is the thumbs down button. The second is the thumbs up button. Hope this helps. Again, I haven't even tried to tip the drivers, as until just now I didn't even know that was possible.

#2 I also have the same problem

I also have the same problem with not being able to sort restaurants by those categories. Super annoying.

#3 Problem with restaurant sort

Problem with restaurant sort seems to be fixed as of the latest version!