Digital Recorders on the iPhone


I am a journalist at a large corporation and have been using the app, "List Recorder," which will allow me to record my interviews for my articles on my iPhone. But when I open the app, it now says that the developer has not updated it and that it will not be available after the next version of IOS is released. Does anyone know another recorder app that is easy to use if List Recorder becomes unavailable? I especially would like an app that is easy to rewind and fast forward in tiny increments since I often have to make sure that I'm writing down exact quotes from the interviews for my articles. Thank you for any help you can give me.




#1 try My Memos

Try My Memos. It's free, but some of the buttons are labeled quirky. Plus, something to be aware of, it runs in portrait mode. I use it from time to time. Hope it helps , and good luck.

#2 Looking for a Digital Recorder

Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate your input. Does My Memo allow for long recordings? Sometimes my interviews are an hour or more.


#3 yes

Hi. Yes, it does, but that would also depend on how much space you have on your device. And if I'm not mistaken, you can link an account from a cloud service. I don't know off-hand what the app supports, but I do know that you can email the recordings. So if you use a cloud service that's not supported by the app, then maybe there's a way where you can upload the file to the cloud service. Also, it allows you to adjust quality, so you can free up space a bit, since high quality files take up a significant amount of space. I know you'd want it to be as high-quality as you could get, but I honestly think that we could all use a little more free space on our gadgets, I know I would.

Sorry for the long post, and for giving you answers that you probably didn't need, but I hope this helps.

#4 Digital Recorder on the iPhoneDigital Recorders on the iPhone

Hi Carla.

Not sure whether this would be a bit basic for what you need, but if you're one who would rather work in portrait, maybe Pocket Recorder would help? A fully accessible app, all buttons and menus are labelled, and content can be uploaded to drop box. I have been using this free app for a few months now and from my experiences with it so far, I have had no issues regarding limited recording time or with bad quality. Just an idea: it may be a bit basic for what you need, but I find it great for use at meetings (some of which are well over an hour long) and so on. Hope you find something you like.

#5 Digital Recorders for iOS

Hello, Carla.
Perhaps Pocket Recorder will work for you.You can press and hold to move forward and back in recordings. It also links to Dropbox.
Hope that helps.

#6 Digital Recorder on the iPhone

Hello, I want to thank everyone for their comments. I will check out these apps and see what works best for me.

#7 I use the voice memos app to

I use the voice memos app to record and save the files in iCloud Drive. Playing them back there is easier because you can rewind and fast forward easier, and you can use the buttons on your headset to do this. I know what you mean about skipping back in small increments to get quotes right though, I used the heck out of my old olympus for that when I was a student reporter in college.