dropvox update

Does anyone know how to pause a recording with the new dropvox update? It says in the description to tap once but when I doubletap it stops the recording. also, how do I resume a recording after pausing? Thanks.


#1 Add an extra tap for

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Add an extra tap when VoiceOver is on, so if it's single-tap to start, this becomes double-tap. Double-tap to pause becomes triple-tap.

With VoiceOver on, double-tap again to resume recording.

#2 I also have a question

I also have a question. how can I change the default upload folder with VO running? in the manual, it says to press and hold, which I do with a 2-finger doubletap and hold on the button at the bottom of the screen, but I'm not finding said button. It's a little odd.

#3 Hey Joseph,

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Hey Joseph,

We changed the default upload folder in DropVox 2.0, but quickly decided this was a mistake and just released DropVox 2.0.1 which goes back to the old behavior.

First, download the DropVox 2.0.1 update then go into the DropVox settings by pressing the gear icon in the upper right. Press the "Unlink from Dropbox" button near the bottom. Now you should be on the front of the Dropbox. Press the "Link to Dropbox" button at the bottom. Link to Dropbox like normal.

Now, when you go to the DropVox settings and press the "Choose Upload Folder" button, you should be able to browse your whole Dropbox. Once you are inside the folder you want DropVox to use for uploads, press the "Upload Here" button in the lower left.