Has anybody in the UK tried the new Sky Q app?

Bit of a long shot but was just wondering if anyone in the UK has used the new Sky Q app for the iPAd yet, and if so, what's it like with voiceover?


#101 Sky+ Hd...

So, called sky to work out a better deal for me, you know, get something I can use... Turns out that for the Sky HD box, one has to pay £180... Compared with the £20 for Sky Q 1TB. I do thank you Sky access for talking to us however, this is a bag of pants... I'm having to pay more, because I'm blind, to get an equivalent service to your sighted customers. Now, I know it is not your fault in any way, and you're doing the best you can, but, man, it's expensive being blind.

Please either create an app that we can use, as with the Sky Hd boxes with the sky Q boxes, or integrate with your current solution. Currently, due to your bosses, there Is a clear example of discrimination. A blind person has to pay more to get the advertised service.

Note: Thank you so much for being part of the conversation, it does mean a lot and it is great to have a forum in which we can, hopefully, find better solutions for everyone.


#102 Update

Hey, so just been looking around on the internet and found that sky Q will be released on Apple TV at some point this year. Now, I'm not sure about how accessible that app will be but it may work as a replacement to the sky Q box, though that will obviously still have to be online somewhere in the house. Fingers crossed and all that.

#103 Sky Q on Apple TV

After been using Apple TV for about five years now. Finding Sky Q would be very good on this platform. The major problem I can see. And I know the sky would not address it. Is that with audio description be available on the app like Netflix and Amazon Prime. As we all know sky will probably sorry most definitely feel in this department and failed to put on order scripted. But we will hold our breath and hopefully they might get the idea to know that we actually do exist out there so if the lad that works for sky. Is reading these messages. Can you get off the seat right now go down to the division within our working on this app. And find out this question and give us a good proper answer thank you

#104 Comcast and Sky

I know this is a little off topic and doesn't really touch on IOS, but I was reading about the accessibility of the X1 system used by Comcast in the states and the desire of the head of technical wizardry to include similar systems on the sky Q box. Comcast X! has a full voice interface so, with the purchase of Sky by Comcast, maybe we can have our fingers cross.

Also, which might be more interesting, is the Apple TV sky Q app which is currently available in Germany. I've not downloaded as not actually got sky, but this could be a solution to many problems, though I assume we would still have to get the multi room upgrade. I'll keep an eye on this and let you know if and when the Apple TV app is released.

Phew, managed to get it back to apple and on point...