Help, problems with VoiceOver output when using the Ring Video Doorbell app


Sometimes when I open the Ring app to take an alert or just check a setting in the app, I loose most of the audio from Voiceover. It is as though Ring thinks it is receiving audio from the external speaker similar to when you press the accept button when someone is at your door.
I can kill the app, restart and everything goes back to normal but when someone is actually standing at the door it is somewhat slow. Anyone else having the same issues and come up with a work around?

I'm using an iPhone7 running IOS11.3

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#1 I also notice the voice

I also notice the voice sometimes will go to the ear peace. I would email ring support about this, they are very good with getting back with you.

#2 Yes

Mine does that too. I consider it more of an annoyance than a serious problem but if It could be addressed that would certainly be great