Help, several issues after updating to iOS 11


My wife reads for the blind and one of her clients is having an issue with his one year old iPAD Mini since upgrading from version 10 to 11.25 of IOS.

Essentially it works fine until the VoiceOver function is activated. From then on a variety of issues appear:

- in email, if you open an email from the Inbox, any amount of swiping will not return you to the Inbox.

- in General Accessibility any selection goes only to Name Setup

- on the App display double tap normally cycles through screens (in this case 1 to 3) but with VoiceOver enabled it goes to screen 3 and sticks there

- Siri will only read the title of an email , not the text

As I said, it all works fine without VoiceOver but this is immensely frustrating for someone who is blind.

Anyone with any ideas?




#1 One thing you might try

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One thing you might try is having the user make sure that all of their materials is backed up to iCloud and then doing a complete erase and setting it up as a new iPad. After initial setup, you can re-download the pertinent materials from the Cloud. No promises, but this might be something to try.

#2 Hi Tony,

Hi Tony,
I'm not sure if you realize this, but, when you activate Voiceover on any iOS device, it will change your gestures, so a swipe is different than how you would swipe as a sighted user. Also, Siri will not read the text of emails, it'll just read the title. This is normal behavior. All behaviors you are suggesting are frustrating as a blind person are merely just how VO opperates. The name screen is for setting up a new device, I believe if I'm not mistaken, and will go away if he/she enters his/her info.

#3 IOS 11 Issue

Thanks for the help - it was really useful. It was complicated by the fact that the blind person involved was adamant it had worked with different gestures before the iPAD was updated to IOS 11. We've gone through the IOS 11 User Guide for Accessibility (for iPAD) and although not everything worked as seemed to be implied, we have now got a set of gestures that allow him to do what he needs.
I don't know if these represent a change from IOS 10 (or perhaps an earlier version) or whether he had not used it enough to be sure, but either way he's now happy.
Having gone through the guide I have to say that it's a little jargonised - i.e. you have to be familiar with some Apple terms to understand what it's getting at.
Also there seem to be a good range of YouTube guides from the Hadley Institute, Illinois, available - maybe there are others.
Thanks again