how can I record edit and upload my podcast using my iphone

Hello, I want to produce my podcast. I am thinking off recording it with dropvox for simplicity, however, I consider any better suggestions. My questions are as follows: 1. do you recommend any better app and if so why and how to use it? 2. how can I edited the recorded material what app for my iphone would you recommend and how to use it? 3. Which hosting platform do you recommend for my podcast which platform is accessible for theblind person using his/her iphone or pc with jaws. Thank you for your response.


#1 Here are a few

Here are a few with the formats that AppleVis podcasts offer.
Recorder DX2: Records with mp3. Has options for noise reduction, silence canceling, pre record so you don;t hit record too late, etc
Ferrite Recording Studio: Records in M4A. Has really high editing capibilities. Large or small files are able to be recorded. Get the in-app purchase for more exciting features.
Pocket Recorder: I believe this one records MP3. Really easy to use
GarageBand: Records M4A. GarageBand wouldn't really be considered a recording app, but it has an audio recorder available. Use the song sections button and hit auto so the bar repeats, and turn off the metronome.
HTH. :)

#2 native

I use the native recording app voice memos because it is simple. You cannot directly edit so you may wish to use another way to edit it. Then I upload it to dropbox and then upload it to the site.

#3 any tutorials for editing the podcasts

Hello, thank you for your responses. Subrina, how do you edit your reccordings, is there any tutorial or podcast for the app? Or can I contact you for help off the list?

#4 I don't edit them

I haven't edited my podcast. The applevis editorial team has edited both of my podcasts. I don't know how to edit them. I make sure to leave silence before and after I pause and unpause the recording so someone else can edit it.

#5 accessibility of suggeted apps and podcasts or tutorials

Hi Tunmi, I have several questions.
1. how is the recorder dx2 accessible, and is there any tutorial or podcast for it?
2. how is the Ferrite Recording Studio accessible, and is there any tutorial or podcast for it?
3. Ho is Pocket Recorder accessible, and is there any tutorial or podcast for it?
4. I thought that there are accessibility issues with GarageBand isn't it the case?
5. which one do you use can can I contact you off the list for some help? thank you.
Anyone has different suggestions?

#6 ferrette

I recomend ferret.

#7 do you have any experience with the editing?

Hello subrina I guess you meant ferrite recording studio, did you? Do you have any experience in using it? Thank you for your help and prompt response. Zdenek

#8 oops

Haha yes I did. It works really great and allows editing of the recordings.

#9 so how do I use it

Hello and thank you for the suggestion again. So how do I use it? Is there a podcast or tutorial for it? Can I contact you off the list for help. Let us say through skype or other platform? Thank you. Zdenek

#10 Hokusai

Hello. I have recently been using an audio editor named Hokusai. It is very user friendly and intuitive. I have skype but I am not sure if I should post the name here. Edit: My skye, and only for the poster of this thread, is Akrosard. You can add me there to talk about recording a podcast.