How to coppy and paste in iPhone?

If I am using iPhone 4S and IOS6, How to copy the perticular content of e-mail and paste it in text message where I want it to be?


You can't exactly do this but

You can't exactly do this but here's a work around I've found.

1. open the message.

2. hit reply, then forward

3. go to the body of the message.

4, select the method by which you want to select, line, character or word.

5. pinch out to select. I do this with my index finger against the more numbers area dn I pinch out with my bird finger.
6. once the thing is selected go to edit via the rotor, carefully, then flick down to copy,

7. go to the text msg and turn the rotor to edit once you are in the message, then flick down to past and voila you just pasted in your message.

You might need to edit a bit but this method although clunky works and works very well.

Take care.