iOS 11, contact with multiple phone numbers

Hi all,
there is an unpleasant bug that started with iOS 11. If you call or are called by one of your contacts who happens to have several phone numbers, voice-over does not tell you any more which of these numbers is calling you. I thought this information had disappeared but it's still available to sided users. It's annoying if you want to call back or message the same number later, you have no more way of knowing which one. Except a rather unreliable one which is the word recent that is mentioned in your contacts numbers list, but the iPhone is often mistaken about which number is the most recent one.

Was this already mentioned to Apple accessibility?


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that is correct, it only affects vo users. the screen still shows relevant information such as mobile, iphone, work, etc. and vo doesn't tell you the sorce of the call, either, for example, signal calls or whatsapp calls. it's january, soon we'll be talking about wwdc and ios 12, and such simple bug is still not fixed.