Iphone 5s

Does anyone know how to personalize ring tones and text tones on an iphone? Thank you. And if yes, how?


Tricky Stuff

This would happen only on iTunes 11 and it's a bit tricky to do. Once you get the hang of it, you can make your own ring/ text tones. If you have already upgraded to the latest iTunes you will not be able to make your own ring/ text tones. Let me know if you are really interested to do so. I will send you the drop box link to the iTunes 11 installation file with instructions on how to create your own ring/ text tone. mujtaba m at gmail dot com

Another way to do this.

Hi. On the phone itself, to into the eonctact you want to personalize. sau it's your friend Ji,. After clicking on his name, then you'llsee under the edit options, default text tone, and whatever you have it set, in my case, it's the tapping of a glass. So I don't want that, I want anticipate. So i click the default, so now i'm in alerts. Once there, I navigate to what iwant, then select it. Go back in, and do the same with the ring tones, and that should help. If you want help skype me at Irish_storm1 and I'll help.

Different answers


Different answers for different scenarios.

The first post refers to making your own ring and text tones. If you havde a song you want to use as a ringtone, follow post 1.

If you want to assign a specific ringtone or test alert to a specific person, follow post 2.

If you simply want to change the ringtone or test alerts, go to settings, sounds then look for the ringtones and alerts.

HTH and good luck.


Shocks. I think i'm already using itunes 12.2 thank you anyway