iPhone problems, anser calling, calendar etc

Hi there. I have a Iphone 6 with Vo and two problems. When I will anser a incoming call, then double tapping with two fingers, then Music start to play at same time. I wonder why? It is not of my own Music either. A very frustrated problem. When he try to call again, then I swipe to anser button and single double tap then it works. But the gesture with two fingers double tap dont work cuz of the Music plays. Where comes it from ? Another problem is a bug in iphone's calendar. I can not add a activity there. I'm Writing title, Place, time etc and finished with save but nothing object looks. It is a bug? I have to ouse my calendar!!!


#1 Hi. I had the calling thing

Hi. I had the calling thing happen when I called a friend of mine. She calls me, and music played when I answered the call with the two finger tap command. Don't use this when answering a call, swipe to the answer button, and single finger double tap. With the calendar issue, just use siri to set up appointments. It's the fastest way to do this.

#2 Double tap plays music

I'm using an iPhone 5 and ios 8.1.2 and I'm having the same problem, but not just when answering calls. When I use the Dictate function in Messages, I start dictation with a single-finger double-tap. However, often when trying to end dictation with the two-finger double-tap, music begins to play. It is always music from my iTunes acct. It has also happened in Kindle, and others.

Sometimes I also manage to turn off speech. It actually says, "Speech Off" - not VO off.

#3 I did notice when I recieve a

I did notice when I recieve a call VO will put it's focus on the answer button so all I have to do is a single finger double tap. If I double tap on the screen it will play my music.