magic tap(two finger double tap) playing/pausing ios 9 bug or feature?

in ios 9, it is no longer possible to play/pause media outside apps using the vo magic tap. is this a bug or feature?


#1 Probably bug

I'd like this to still work, personally. I don't have 9 yet, but there are certain times when I need to shut my phone up quickly if I need to be quiet. LOL

Honestly the buttons in control center should do the trick with stopping music, I'd think.

#2 Yes, it still works

Hey there, yes, the two finger double tap outside an app, such as iBooks or music, still seems to be working for me. I am running iOS 9, on my iPad mini second-generation.
And so far, it all seems to be working just fine. You might want to make sure that you have not opened Another audio app That could be interfering.

#3 Works for me as well

It is still working in IOS 9, but just as a short reminder: if an edit field is active this gesture is being used to start and stop dictation and also for me it never works when I am in the phone app, which is also understandable, IMHO.

#4 It still works for me too.

I am running iOS 9 on my iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2. The 2 finger double tap still pause and play the music. It still works just like the previous version, no problem what so ever.

#5 It sorta works for me

I am finding this to be a hit and miss thing now. I can get it to work with Audible but it does not work with Downcast anymore. I have not tried it yet in Voice Reader yet though.
I seem to think I saw that the latest update to Downcast removed the ability to use the two finger tap for play and pause but I was having issues with the previous version before updating today. Unless they fix this I may have to look into switching my podcast app.

Greg Wocher

#6 This will be fixed in Downcast in the next release v2.9.9

App Developer

This feature still works in iOS 9 but has been broken in Downcast as Greg pointed out. This will be fixed in the next release of Downcast, v2.9.9. If anyone needs this right away, please email with 'iOS Beta' in the subject. Apologies for not attending to this quickly.