Mail app question about threads on iPhone

Hello all,
I have a quick question about using the mail app on my phone. I am running the latest version of iOS11 on an iPhone 7plus. When I open up a threaded conversation on my hone, how can I easily navigate between the messages in the thread? I am trying to transition from using mail on my mac to using it on my phone. I am liking the mail app on my phone much better than the one on the mac. In most ways I find it much easier to use as well.

Greg Wocher


#1 Navigating between messages in an email thread on the iPhone.

There's a messages item on the rotor. Just move to it, then do a flick up or down to move to the previous or next message. If the option doesn't appear, you may need to touch the screen to focus on the body of the messages, then find the messages rotor item.


#2 Rotor actions

This did the trick and works quite well. It certainly does make navigating on the iOS mail app a bit easier. Thank you.

Greg Wocher