Pdf files showing up tiny when viewing on Iphone

Hello all, I am having a problem where Pdf files I open such as in my bank app, are showing up very tiny on my iphone screen. When I print them from the iphone, they show up very small when printed is there a way to make them bigger with voiceover?I think the font some how got changed maybe.Thanks from much.


#1 Bank of America app

I noticed that if I try to open the pdf of my bank statement using the BOA app the print is tiny. It is useless to me. But if I open the pdf of my statement from the BOA website it is readable when I pinch to zoom.

#2 Bofa app

Yes this is where it's happening. I wonder what it is using when opening the Pdf's?

#3 I do not know

Too bad though. It would be nice to just use the app.

#4 My best guest it's the app

My best guest it's the app problem your using when opening the PDF file, better use the website when opening the file and send some customer report so they can fix it.