Please suggest me a navigation app

Folks, I need an map application similar to google or Apple maps (turn by turn navigation on foot or by car / bus / train / anyother thing), containing or not points of interests. Why not to use these apps? Because I will not have access to internet and I need to use open street or anything else pre loaded in the phone. What you suggest me? Thanks, Marlon


#1 navigation

There is tom-tom and map quest.

#2 More information if i can.

Hello Split. since the previous commenter simply gave names of aps without giving any detail, let me see if I can help. If i'm understanding you, you need to use an app without using data? You do know that an iPod isn't going to be able to be a correct navigation tool, right? It doesn't have a GPS signal in it, someone who does have one of these, please correct me. Also if you don't have wifi, and you are using a phone, you will still be using cellular, be it, edge, 4G or another network. Tomtom I believe costs money, I don't know about map quest. Let me investigate that. Let me see what i can find out i'll get back to you.

#3 Suggestions for Navigation Apps

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Hello Marlon, Are you wanting an app that would basically allow you to virtually explore your environment, so that you may run the route virtually beforehand and then when you're out there just follow the instructions?