Radio buttons and check boxes don't check when double tapped in Safarri

I have noticed that voice over won't let me double tap check boxes or radio buttons, particularly if i am filling out surveys in Safarri. I am using the latest ios and a blue tooth keyboard. Has anyone discovered a solution to this problem?


#1 Solution

I've found this problem a couple of times as well. The first thing to make sure of is the radio button or check box you are trying to manipulate is actually on screen. Voyceover can read items off the screen which doesn't always scroll to keep up. Once you've confirmed its on screen, find the radio button or check box by moving your finger over the screen, not flicking, and once you have it perform a double tap and hold. This should fill the necessary box. HTH

#2 Try touch navigation

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I don't usually have this problem, but I remember this being an issue in the past because VoiceOver would occasionally get out of sync with where things were on the screen.

Try navigating by touch, by feeling around the screen until you find the check box in question, then do a split tap on the button. If that doesn't work, then try a double-tap and hold gesture, releasing your finger right after you hear the tone. If still no joy, then it's possible the site you're using is not VoiceOver compatible.

Additionally, after double-tapping a check box, try moving the focus to another element and moving back. It's possible the check box was actually checked, but VoiceOver didn't announce it as being checked when you performed the double-tap. I haven't encountered this particular issue on my iPad, but I have run into it a couple of times using VoiceOver on my Mac.