Recommend a VO-compatible app to read pdf and MS Word

Hi, All,

I am a heavy VoiceOver user on iPad running iOS 9.

I used to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read pdf files. It was quite good with VoiceOver. But last week, I was stupid enough to update the app to its latest version. To my dismay, the new Adobe Acrobat Reader is no longer compatible with VO. No mater what gestures I tried, VO just doesn't read the texts any more.

Can anyone recommend an app that's compatible with VO? One feature that's important to me is the ability to transfer files from PC to iPad using iTunes on PC, because I have pdf files on PC that I'd like to copy to iPad and read them there. If possible, I'd also like an app that reads not only pdf, but also MS Word.(doc and .docx) and .txt files.

Thanks a lot.


Oh no!

I wish I had seen your post before I updated. On the App Store Adobe Reader has a button for support. I tapped it and the web page that opened, over to the right, had a link to fill out a form for app issues. I filled it in asking Adobe to bring back Voiceover compatibility. Maybe if they get several requests they will fix it.

Voice Dream Reader provides

According to its manual, Voice Dream Reader provides support for PDF and Microsoft Word files. I've also listened to a few of my PowerPoint slides for school with fantastic results.

word documents on iOS

You might try using microsoft word for iPhone or iPad. As of last time I used them, it seemed to work fairly well.

Voice DReam

Voice Dream I think will do what your looking for. It can read all of those file types and more besides. It also gives the most control of what and how you read I have ever seen in an app, and lets you easily navigate within documents. Highly recommended, unless I'm using audible or baard it's the only app I use on my phone to read anything!

Support button for Adobe Reader?

Hi, Betsy,

Where is that "Support" button? I want to send a complaint, too. But I can't find that Support button you mentioned. Are you talking about iPad Home -> App Store -> Purchased tab -> Adobe Acrobat Reader? And then where can I find that Support button?


Voice Dream: Try Before Buy?

Hi, All,

This "Voice Dream" app looks really interesting. A couple of questions:

- Can I copy files from PC into the app? I have already a bunch of files on my PC.
- At $9.99, it's not cheap. Is there a way for me to try it out before I buy?


Yes, to both questions.

Hello. VoiceDream does let you transfer files using iTunes from the computer to the iPhone or iPad. There also is a try before buying option, VoiceDream Lyte, which I think only lets you read something like 250 words at a time. You still should be able to get enough of a sample of the features to decide if it will work for you. I would even go so far to say that it's the best app I've spent money on for my phone. Without it, I would be a little at a loss. I encourage you to give it a look, and let me know if I can answer any questions.

on Voice Dream

Thank you very much for the info.

After I install Voice Dream, do I still keep iOS's VoiceOver turned on?

Also, when I searched, I also saw "Voice Dream Mail", is that a product from the same company? From its name, I presume that it's a mail app. Is it as good as the Voice Dream Reader? In fact, there is a "Suite" of apps from the same company? Have you used them?


Yes, you would keep VoiceOver on when using VoiceDream reader. It is essential to the applications use. The suite of apps is all from the same company, and they all work flawlessly. I haven't used mail as heavily, but I am a heavy user of voiceDream reader and writer.

From the App Store

I went to the app on the App Store then went down to Developer Website. On Developer website to the far right under Other Resources the first option is Feature Request Bug Report Form. Tap that.

I submitted a complaint also

Hi, Betsy,

Thank you very much for your pointers. I submitted a complaint to Adobe, as well. We will see if they listen. Meanwhile, I am looking into Voice Dream.

Voice Dream sounds good to me too

I think I will try the free version. I am extra disappointed about Adobe Reader because I recently realized I could fill out forms on my iPad with it.

Didn't find Voice Dream Lite either

I couldn't find Voice Dream Lite, either. I just went ahead and bought it. I figured I could save enough money by not going to Starbucks for a day or two :->

Voice Dream has a lot of eatures. I haven't got enough time to try all the features yet. The voice reading function, of course, is much much better than Acrobat. But one thing I don't like about Voice Dream is that it gets rid of all the font formatting. So, what you see visually is the same font. Oh, well. There is no such thing as "perfect", I guess.


I thought I was perfect. Well maybe not. I will probably end up buying it too.