Temporary app for writing a book

I am writing a book but am now without wifi and only on cellular and I cannot get pages. I am on iOs using a bluetooth keyboard and so have no mac or pc. Is there a temporary solution for me to be able to write and then copy and paste the text into pages until I have wifi again.d


#1 Temporary solution

You can write your text into the Apple Notes app (either in one long note or several separate notes) and then copy them into Pages or Word later on.

Much as I like to enter text directly into Word using a bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone, when I'm traveling I often resort to creating the original in the Notes app and then copy and pasting into Word since some of the VoiceOver navigation commands don't seem to work as reliably in Word.


#2 TrunkNotes

It is a good paid app to store your writing.

#3 Also there is drafts5

That is also equally good