Is there a way to delete purchased apps from App Store

Nowadays when I go into Purchased Apps from Updates in the App Store on my device I am faced with well over 150 apps and growing. Many of these are Apps that I can no longer use or have tried out and found inaccessible. But it appears once they have been downloaded they are impossible to remove or hide and there are so many that it is an increasing problem to scroll through them for ones I want. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of them?


#1 No, just search for them

No, just search for them using the search field at the top of the list.

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#2 yes, you can

yes, you can hide them, not delete them. this, how ever, can only be done from a computer running itunes. thank apple for the stupidity of this one. so much for a post pc world. lol. if they wanted us to be able to run these devices totally without a pc, then this needs to be made possible on our devices. either way, simply do a google search for something like hide purchases apple app store. that should find you a couple pages about it.
BTW. i've never managed to do this all that well on a windows pc. only way i've managed to do this is in the mac version of itunes. which makes it even worse.

#3 Hide apps

You can hide apps using a computer with Itunes. I have done so and only see the apps I want.

#4 another reason

This is another reason that we should get familiar with iTunes on our PC. Notice, iTunes, not itunes. Capitalize the T. It is just about essential for installing firmware upgrades, doing backups and making account modifications as well as adding or deleting music to the iTunes library and syncing the music to our phones.

#5 Haven't managed it yet...

No success with iTunes despite trying various suggestions garnered from Google. For some reason Purchase history wouldn't load in iTunes on my PC. Ironically, I eventually worked out how to make the 'Hide' option appear in the App Store on my iPhone and could make unwanted Apps disappear temporarily. Unfortunately, the next time I go into the App Store they all reappear again! Apparently this seems to be an issue for some users. Does anyone have detailed instructions for the PC version of iTunes using Jaws?

#6 Hide App Store Purchases on iPhone

Tap on Updates from the bottom right corner → Next up, you have to tap on Purchased with the down arrow.
Tap on My Purchases.
Up next, all the apps which you have bought will be listed. Now, find the app which you want to hide and then swipe right from left on it (If you want to hide any app which is not there on your iPhone, select Not on This iPhone.) → Tap on the red Hide button.

#7 iPhone Purchased History

Can someone definitely confirm whether or not it is no longer possible to hide or delete purchased history on an iPhone?

#8 I can't swipe to hide either.

I can't swipe to hide either...

#9 This would be a nice feature for Apple to include.

This would be a nice feature or a function for Apple to include. I have been wondering about the same thing as well. Definitely, there are so many applications I need to delete or, at least, to hide.