Tips sought for mastering the rotor gesture

I have been using an ipad mini 4 for several months now. I am getting pretty good at the gestures, but one gesture that is still giving me trouble is the rotor. I can't seem to turn my fingers at the same time. I have much better luck turning the rotor to the left, but sometimes that doesn't work. I can't go clockwise at all or at least when I've tried it, nothing happens. I am r3ght handed, so could that have something to do with why I have difficulty with clockwise? The only reliable way I can do the rotor is if I put my fingers on the screen and turn the ipad itself, but that is a bit awkward to do with an ipad. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can place my fingers differently and more importantly how to get the motion right? Are there exercises I can do to help with the motion?


iPad rotor option

Might I suggest holding the iPad with both hands on either side. Place both thumbs on the screen and move one up while moving the other down. I often do this with my iPad and iphone. Seems to work fairly well.

what works for me

I use thumb and middle fenger of right hand.
Make sure you have solid contact.
Make sure the two digits are separated an inch or so.
Do it a bit slower than most flicks.


What works for me is to grip my iPhone with the right hand, and use my index and middle fingers on the left hand to turn the rotor either direction. I think of it as turning a knob on a washing machine.

finger placement/usage


I'm right-handed myself. And like you, I've had my mini 4 for a bit over half a year now. I had issues with the rotor too. I use the 1st 2 fingers of my right hand. Have solid contact & do not put your fingers together! Give each one some space to move & turn them both together. I can't relly recommend any excercises for you, but I STRONGLY recommend you practice, practice and practice some more. You'll get the hang of it in time! It is a bit hard to get used to I'll admit that. Gope this helps & good luck!


You really need to get a hang of this gesture. This is a pretty crucial one. You can do things such as: change how you navigate, select text to copy/paste, change speaking rate on the fly, etc.

Rotor Gesture

When I began working with the Iphone, I noticed everyone did the rotor differently. It's something you have to play with to see what works best for you. I tend to use my right thumb to rotate down and my left index finger on my left hand to go up. Sometimes I'll use a thumb to go up and ther for down, but most of the time, it's the thumb and index finger I mentioned previously. I don't remember why I chose this way; one day I just found myself doing it that way.

Something you can try.


A simple exercise you can do is find a comination type padlock. Use your thumb and pointer finger. Keep turning clockwise and counter clockwise with just the tips of those two fingers. Soon you’ll get the hang of it.

This is what I do for folks having issues or understanding how the rotor works.

HTH and good luck.