Unable to make purchases or get apps on my IPhone 6

I hope I'm posting to the correct area here; if not, please accept my sincere apologies. For the past couple of weeks, I have not been able to purchase apps (even free ones) or buy music for my IPhone. I can select what I want to buy and the option comes up for me to enter my touch ID which I do. It then immediately reverts back to the screen with the listings from which I chose the item and the app or music I want to purchase does not appear on my phone. I have verified tghat my settings allow for immediate download of purchases and that my credit card information is correct; (I used the card to purchase something on another site.) I know the password is correct because I logged in from my PC and was able to view past purchases. What could be causing this weird behavior and what can I do about it? Thanks for any help you can offer.


sign out

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Sometimes signing out of and back into the iTunes Store and App Store can resolve download problems. Sign out, restart the device, then sign back in and try the downloads again.


I tried that and it didn't

I tried that and it didn't work; I also tried doing a warm reset and that didn't help either. Thanks for your response though.

Are you able to make

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Are you able to make purchases or downloads from that account on other devices?

I'm not sure. I tried to do

I'm not sure. I tried to do that from the PC, but the layout is so different that I couldn't figure out how to complete the purchase. Perhaps I'll try that again though since it would certainly provide suseful data. ITunes on the PC seems not to be all that intuitive.

Sorry it took me so long to

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you; I've been sick all week. I can make purchases on my PC which then appear on both the PC and the phone. But I can't purchase directly from the phone. I also can't get new apps (even free ones) on the phone.

Had a similar problem on an iDevice with iOS9

What iOS version are you running on your iPhone 6?
I had a similar issue with an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9. The iPhone was not mine, however I remember the issue resolved after updating to iOS 10.
Hope this helps.

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Sounds like an issue on the phone since you were able to make purchases using your PC. To clarify, did you go to settings> iTunes and log out and log back in? If no, you might want to try that.

If you already did that, then you might want to reset your phone. Be aware, if you reset your phone, passwords saved on your device including wifi and other personalized settings will be erased. The good part is you will not lose your apps or music but as always, back up your device first. To reset, go to settings> general> reset all settings.

HTH and good luck.

well I logged out of my

well I logged out of my account and then logged in again; that worked, but the same thing happened again in a few days. It's working again, but I will monitor it.