Video Magnifier

Hi everyone! Is there an app that can use the iphone camera and screen to magnify text? Perhaps add colour enhancements like invert? Thank you Thom


#1 Spectacles magnifier app with light

Try taking a look at an app named Spectacles ($0.99 by Mach One Mobile) if you have an iPhone 4. It will both magnify text and optionally use the LED of the iPhone 4 camera to illuminate. Here's a link to one of the posts from the viphone list that discusses this app: The post describes how to activate the LED, and contains the earlier post from the person who found this app.

#2 iSeeClearly

The App Store Pundit Podcast featured a magnifier app today. It was called iSeeClearly, and sounded quite good.

I was going to try it, but was put off by the $2 price tag, the fact it has not been updated for a year and the lack of reviews in iTunes.

Link to App Store Pundit Podcast

Link to iSeeClearly in App Store