weather radio by wdt broken/abandon

It's ashame too, this app was a great app for voiceover users. I see there hasn't been an update in 2 years. I can still get the weather conditions but the alerts no longer work nor can they be configured because you get a time out error with their server. I'm not going to get any in app purchases on this app until they fix it or if they do.
Anyone heard anything regarding this app?


#1 alerts still work here

Hi Troi, weather alerts are still working on my end. Have you recently removed and reinstalled the app by any chance? I haven't had any reason to reinstall this app, so that might be why weather alerts are still working on my end.

#2 has there been a need for updates?

The app works fine on my 8 plus running version 11.3 of the operating system. Alerts also work as expected. If no update is necessary, I see no problem. I have not heard that it has been abandoned, and it is still in the app store from what I have heard.

#3 I was just about to email the

I was just about to email the developer when I checked again and found I was able to customize my alerts so maybe it was down and it just happened to be a coincidents it was down when I wanted to recustomize my alerts.