Which twitter app is best for a brand new twitter user? Looking to open an account on my Iphone 7.

the subject says it all just about, I'm a real newbie to twitter, but I'm finding there's a lot of instances where twitter will work best to get the info I need. And this is a very popular way of communication with a lot of folks.
Really any help, or app recommendations would be appreciated! Also if there are any twitter tutorials on how this whole thing works might prove helpful also.
Thanks! :)


#1 Twitterific

subject says it all.

#2 the twitter app

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i think that the best option is the Twitter app.
it is very accessible and simple.
if you need asistance with Twitter, you can write it here or contact me directly.
Afik Suffir

#3 Did you mean Twitterrific?

Just verifying @Chris if Twritterrific was what you ment, though you were only off by one R. :)
As far as the second suggestion, it seems to have such a basic name, I can't seem to find it in the app store. Though simple is better, at this point I'm still open to suggestions.
thanks again.

#4 Twitterrific

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While it's entirely a personal choice, Twitterrific is what I use and recommend. The accessibility support in Twitterrific is comprehensive and well thought-out. The Twitter app is pretty accessible, but the practical usability is miles behind Twitterrific.

#5 I use the official Twitter app

I've done the Twitterific thing and although it's accessible, much of it annoys me. it's impossible to send things to pocket without having to open links first, it relies too much on the overused action rotor which is irritating. My main reason for giving up on it is that Twitter will be changing their backend APIs whether the Twitterific folks like it or not and that's fine because Twitter is it's own platform. Third-party apps had a nice run but anyone with any sense would realise that once Twitter became popular, they'd want to make it it's own platform.

In short then, stick to the main Twitter app because it'll get the full feature set and you will have access to proper analytics if you need that kind of thing.

P.S, I know this is off topic but why don't new line characters work on these comment entry fields when using braille screen input. Please sort this because it's annoying to switch to the onscreen keyboard to enter a new line.

#6 Twitterrific, at least for now. See message body

The most accessible app for tweeting on iOS is Twitterific. You'd think that Twitter's own official app would be best, wouldn't you? Sadly no. Twitterific blows it out of the water for ease of use and accessibility. The unfortunate caveat is that twitter is planning to block any third-party apps from being able to send push notifications or refreshing timelines automatically, effectively making those apps useless. That wouldn't be so bad for Voiceover users if the native Twitter app were more accessible, but alas. That's not to say that the official app is unusable, but it just isn't as robust and simple to use as Twitterrific. I hate to inflate your bubble and promptly burst it, but I wanted to answer your question while simultaneously being fair to you in letting you know that it might be a mistake for you to get accustomed to this wonderful but doomed app. Twitter, shame on you. You need to fix this. Okay, so you're probably going to dig in your heels about third-party apps likely to accommodate plans for changes in your business model, and in fact that is your prerogative, but now you have a responsibility to improve accessibility in your native apps. It's those third-party apps that made it possible for you to cover a bigger swath of thesocial media map. You owe the app developers and your user base big for this self-serving move. I'm in good company being upset about this. I've seen the hashtag #BreakingMyTwitter circulating the platform for a while now. Finally, Twitter's own getting started page should help you learn what you need. Click here to go there. Really finally, once you're ready to start following people, I humbly request that you follow me @BlindKindBlog.

#7 Using the main twitter-app


I started one year ago also as a newbie on twitter and since that I use the main Twitter-app on ios and I‘m in the most cases in peace with it.
Sometimes could happen that after an app-update some accessibility issues can come. For example You could not view the links that posted a twitter user. But I reported it to the twitter accessibility-team and in the next app-update it was fixefd.
Now at the moment I only know one issue: the twitter-app don‘t read the direct messages. After few characters Voiceover stop to read the dm-text.
But all other things works fine. You can like, reply, and mention other users without any problems.

#8 I'm surprised no one has

I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Tweetings" yet, especially since that its also on Android for users of both platforms.

Do keep in mind however, the Android version does not include "Keyboard" shortcuts, though thats probably do to you being able to use the "desktop" site for Twitter using a keyboard on Android, unlike the iOS side, at least when "VoiceOver" is used.