Wonderfully helpful experience with the be my eyes app

Hi, I just wanted to say that I used the app be my eyes for the first time today. I used several camera/bar code type apps plus knfb reader. They only gave me partial results for the package I was trying to find out the cooking directions for. I used the app be my eyes, and at first, I thought nobody was going to answer, but I gave it a little while, and a wonderfully polite, patient, and nice man named Josh took the call and gave me great direction on how to place the camera so he could best read the package. He made sure I knew and understood what I needed to do to cook my packaged soup, and he gave me a tip on camera placement for pictures. If all the people were this nice and helpful, this would be an ideal and perfect app. I have heard that people don't like the quality of help they sometimes get with be my eyes, but this particular experience was great, and I encourage people to use the app and be patient with sighted volunteers as this is a great service they're providing free and out of the goodness of their heart, and a wonderful app idea. Thanks for taking time to read this and have an abundantly blessed day.


#1 do you mean to say this?

Hello and good day!
I was some what puzzle by your post, new to this world of tecknology with apps and so on..
I had no idea that it was possible to have a humain been to help someone that purchase or get it for free, that is not the point, but I had no idea that a real person could help the apps owner, is this what you meant?
Or , no you can not mean a robot kind of thing.
wow I am impress and I will look up this apps, thanks very much. I was not lucky for a long long time with apps and of course the fact that I have joint this group is what made the difference but I must say I am the kind of guy that I am not afraid to take a chance, you know I remember the day that my goodness not so olong ago, here in Edmonton alberta Canada, when I was working a lady friend was trying to get someone to burn a disc full of solitaire game and of course I was working for the fed, so you can understand that this was not thetype of people you want to ask them openly to do something not leagal but the disc she wanted a copy was 150 dollars and look today some people call a apps that cost 11 dollars a scandal. time has change, but I am afraid that Kitty, this lady friend of mine has passed away long time ago and she never got the chance to see the world of ipod and so on it was sad. so no I am not afraid to spend four dollars if I have it for something that I am not sure sometime I wind and loose but I am lucky these days, non hare totally perfect, not good enough to mention it here but with the help of my partner for exemple I have a transleter for under 5 dollars and it does all kind of thing like
1. you can type in English and choose the language that you want the apps to show what you say let say in German if you were in vacation over there.
2. if you don't want to be bother to type and you are at the hotel, you tell the apps, I have a reservation, room 12 my name is captain batman and you do a tap tap and you show the apps to the clerck and he see it in german
3. it has a 2 person button so let say I tap tap this button and I talk English and when I stop talking, with about 2 or 3 seconds the germain version will show and the german man do the tap on this button and say what ever in german, and when he stop talking it shows in English and the voice over read it too!
3. and if this is not enough, and this is why I bought the apps, my partner has a bunch of cook books in different language, I don't like traveling out of Canada or out of the u.s,. I do love to visit the U.S. but no Mexico or over sea.
but her with each trip with a lady friend she come home with some cook book and I always said why bother you don't understand, she goes the pictures are nice.
well now she take a picture of a dish writin in Spanish and she tells me that it is so good she gave it a 99 pourcent.
but the label is no good for a blind a wrote to them that I don't think it would cost them a lot to actually put a label like to say French instead of a symbole with 2 letters that mean nothing to a blind person.
they told me they will work on it.
well yes apple has given us a nice world to live in and thanks for your post

#2 Love Be My Eyes!

I'm happy to hear that you've had such a positive experience. I don't use Be my Eyes all that often, but every time I have used it, I've had the same experience you did. Everyone was very kind and helpful, and I was always able to figure out whatever it was I was trying to figure out. I could use the app a lot more than I do, but I always try to figure things out independently if possible; I know they're volunteering, but I hate the thought of bothering anyone with a frivolous request. So, I save my uses for situations where I've exhausted all other options. I think Be my Eyes is an awesome app, and that all of us who use it should share our positive experiences whenever we can.