buying materials using crafting kingdom

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Hey guys
does anyone know how to buy more materials using crafting kingdom for example like when you have restarted all of your autimations in the game in the lumber yard and you have created a slot for autamating timber but voiceover says that you don't have enough raw materials and that you need to buy more
does anyone know how to do buy more materials



Submitted by Nafisah on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hi Tali, say, for example, you need to produce 2 timber. For that you need 6 logs, 3 each for 1 timber. If you have 3 production logs and are just beginning the game, each slot will produce 1 log in 3 seconds. So, if you start 1 slot of logs and then quickly swipe down to your timber slot and try producing timber from that slot, you won't have enough raw materials. Just give it about 10 seconds before you produce timber. Alternatively, when enough raw materials are available, the timber will start producing automatically when you double tap the produce button. Hope this helps!