a couple of ideas for blindfold games

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How about a blindfold ringtoss game?
Here is another idea. When I was a teenager, there was a card game that my parents played called Skippo. I plaed it when I was first married over 20 years ago. I have forgotten how to play this. But, it might be a great idea for a blindfold game. Wayne



Submitted by Paige on Monday, March 21, 2016


Submitted by tunmi13 on Monday, March 21, 2016

Marty told me that they will be releasing simulator games at some point, meaning veihcle kind. I don't know what type of veihcle it might be, but I will keep a watch out for them and submit them to the iOS App Directory, depending on if someone nicely kindly done it already.

Submitted by Ornella on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I can't wait for the tennis game.

Submitted by flcomputergeek on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I would love to see a variant of the gameshow network's lingo game. I know you have to be concerned about copyright. I will describe the concept of the game, and perhaps you could modify the concept just a bit to avoid any copyright issues.
The objective is to guess 5 letter words until you get the correct word. You hear a high pitched tone if the letter is in the correct place in the word, a middle pitch tone if the letter is in the word and not in the correct place, and a low pitch tone if the letter is not in the word. I believe I'd read on similar apps in the app store that those different-pitch tones correspond to green, yellow, and red. In the lingo game, if you guess the correct word, you get to choose two balls which are worth money. If you get one of two red stop balls, you lose all your money. Perhaps instead of 5-letter words, you could use 4 or 6 letters, or let the player choose the number of letters. There is a version of this game on all inplay, which is a windows-based accessible online gaming site. They call it loco locution and use 4 or 5 letter words. zonebbs.com has the 5-letter word version where you get 5 guesses to guess the word, but they call it blingo. This type of game is one of my favorite games, and I'd love to have it on my IPhone! I have a large number of the current blindfold games and am thoroughly addicted to most of them.

Submitted by venova on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I would really love a fishing game. I love fishing and my father is actually a fisherman and it would be a fun game. I love fishing. And maybe the fish give points related to size. And for those points you could buy stronger poles, better line and fishhooks. Allways fishhooks.