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Hae, how can I change my girl's name? I go to more, an to account an I write the name, but there's no ok or done button.



Submitted by Yiskalyn on Friday, June 15, 2012

This is a post I posted to another person asking basicly the same or similar things. Again just follow what is said here and you will be fine. Hope this helps. If you wanted a girl I don't know what to tell you there. But for the sake of the game. I don't think it matters whether it is a boy or a girl. Go to the more option. Then go to account. activate the text field type the name you want and press save. To get to these areas is very voice over easy. More button is bottom right of the screen. Account is in a list that shows up on the screen once you hit the more button. Flick right or left to get to it once you touch the main part of the screen. Again flick right or left once you touch the main part of the screen until you get to the text edit box. Activate this by double tapping. Type in the name you want for your baby. Flick right to save and double tap. Jessica