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Hello all! I'm new here and this is my first Topic.
Well, i search Mainstream games for the iphone, playable with or without voice over. I already have bubble Island, Diamond dash and catagugl (which is not really a Mainstream game but yeah). It should be also playable (and interesting) for sighted People, that's why i Worte Mainstream. The reasons why i Need this: In my School i want to do a Project for sighted People. I want to Show them how it is to Play blind but not with this audiogames stuff. They are Teenagers and they love These Facebook games and well... Mainstream games. :)
And the second Thing is that i wanna Play games like this with my friends. ;)
So could you tell me a few cool games? I looked through the games Directory and that's why i found the bubble Island/Diamond dash/catagugl things.


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