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I saw a post similar to this with King Of Dragon Pass sagas, and decided to make one for AI Dungeon so that if people have questions about the app they won't need to scroll past tons of long stories to get what they need to know.So if you'd like to share something funny that happened while you were playing AI Dungeon or even a link to your whole story, feel free to do that here!



Submitted by venova on Thursday, January 16, 2020

I love pizza, so I made a setting of a pink cat living in a village of clouds and looked for the best pizza in the world. It begins in a closed pizza shop which I make pizza in, then I tell everyone about my pizzas. I meet a date and he gets a present, and guess what it was? Yes, you are right, pizza! And then in the end after saying goodbye we get mar!ied and I give him a wedding ring made of pizza cheese.

Submitted by venova on Thursday, January 16, 2020

I started a pizza shop and then I started doing delivery and got famous in the cloud village for my tasty pizzas.
Another one was about a squirrel man living in a forest and trying to find his people. It turned out that they were killed by bandits so had others. I got a happy ending though and decided to settle down in a home and start a pizza shop. Eventually I retired and lived happily ever after.

Submitted by DMNagel on Monday, February 10, 2020

You are Denzil, a man living in a small apartment with your mom and dad. You are crying yourself to sleep over the loss of your budgie "Choppertjie". That night, Choppertjie appears to you in a dream.
> "Choppertjie, my beloved pet. Why did you have to leave?"
Choppertjie looks at you and says: "Don't cry over me. I will always be with you."
> "I will always miss your cute chirps."
Choppertjie looks at you and says: "That's right. Chirp me if you need something."
You wake up from your slumber to find that the sun has risen on another day. You look out of the window and see a beautiful view of the city.
> Take a bath, then have breakfast.
The morning is bright and sunny. The air is fresh and clean. You feel refreshed after a long night of sleep. You walk into the bathroom, where you take a quick bath before heading inside the living room for breakfast.
> See what videos are on youtube.
You open up the internet browser and begin searching for some videos to watch. You quickly discover that there are many different types of videos available online. Some are funny, others educational, but most seem to fall under the category of "entertainment" or "education".
> Watch the latest video upload by Creepy Pasta JR.
Creepy Pasta JR. begins his video by saying: "Hello! My name is Creepy Pasta JR., and I am here today to talk about my newest creation, the Clown-Powered Eggplant!"
He continues talking about how he was inspired by an old cartoon called "Clowns Don't Make Any Sense", which featured a clown eggplant who could turn into any other type of vegetable.
He explains that this idea came to him when he was trying to come up with a new recipe for his favorite pasta sauce. After several failed attempts, he finally succeeded in creating the Clown-Powered Eggplant.
The video ends with Creepy Pasta JR.
> Watch the latest video upload by Mr. Creeps.
Mr. Creeps begins his video by saying: "Hi! My name is Mr. Creeps, and I'm here today to tell you all about my newest invention, the Creep-o-matic Robot!"
He shows off a picture of himself holding a creepy looking robot, which has two large eyes and three legs. He goes on to explain that the robot can move its arms back and forth like a human hand, as well as twist around so it resembles a crab claw.
It also has a mouth full of teeth, and a single eye on top of its head.
He goes on to show off various uses for the robot, such as being able to crawl through sewers or even through the ground.
He finishes by showing off a demonstration of the robot's abilities.
 The video ends with Mr. Creeps.
> Watch the latest video upload by Strange but true stories.
Strange but true stories begins his video by saying: "Hello! My name is Strange But True Stories, and I'm here today to tell you all about my newest creation, the Weirdly Specific Dildo."
He shows off a picture of a dildo with strange markings along one side.
It looks like someone scratched something onto it.
"This dildo is made from the finest materials, and will definitely make your partner feel more than just pleasurable sensations."
He goes on to say that this dildo is made from 100% medical grade silicone, and comes in different colors. It's only available at Weirdly Specific Dildos.
 The video ends with Strange But True Stories.
> Watch videos until night comes.
Night falls, and you decide to sleep.

Game over.

Submitted by DMNagel on Thursday, February 13, 2020

You are Denzil, a man who has been kidnapped and thrown into a Coliseum. You have a sword and a shield. The Emperor promised that he would let you free, should you manage to defeat three gladiators. Your first opponent is a man with a large scar across his face. He looks like he's going to kill you in an instant if you don't do something quick.

> Attack the man quickly.

You take your time and attack him as fast as possible. He swings at you but misses. Then he realizes that he can't hit you so he tries to block your attacks instead. Unfortunately for him, you're faster than him and soon enough you've knocked him out cold.

> !"It is Time for the crowd to decide whether the man should be spared or killed."

The crowd cheers for the man who was just beaten by you. You feel good about yourself.

> !"The man is spared and lead away."

The man is taken away and you rest for awhile.

> !"Time for the second opponent."

This one is much tougher than the first. He's got a lot of muscles and a very angry look on his face. His name is Donatello and he's your next opponent.

> Slash and stab at Donatello.

You swing your sword at Donatello. It doesn't work though, because Donatello dodges it. You try again and this time he blocks it. Then you realize that he isn't dodging your attacks either, but rather deflecting them back at you.

> Fight smart.

You continue to dodge his attacks and then counterattack when he does. Eventually you get tired of dodging and start attacking him directly. After all, it's only fair after what happened with the first guy.

> Finish Donatello

You finally beat Donatello and the crowd cheers for you.

> !"The crowd must decide Whether Donatello lives or dies."

The crowd decides that Donatello lives, but you still have one more opponent left to beat. You rest for awhile, then prepare to face your final opponent.

> !"Your final opponent enters.

The last man in the ring is none other than Leonardo da Vinci. You know that he's smarter than most people think, but you also know that he's not invincible. He raises his sword high above his head and prepares to strike down at you.

> Dodge and throw a kick at his legs.

You dodge his attack and jump up and kick him in the balls. He falls backwards onto the ground, but not before he manages to grab your wrist and pull it back. "I'm sorry!" he says as you break free from his grip.

> Finish off Leonardo da Vinci.

You run over to Leonardo and punch him in the face several times, knocking him out cold. The crowd cheers for you.

> !"The crowd must decide whether Leonardo da Vinci lives or dies."

The crowd decides that Leonardo Da Vinci lives. You are ecstatic. You have finally earned your freedom. At last, the emperor allows you to go. - CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN! -

Submitted by hahaha1111234 on Monday, August 10, 2020

You are Bubba Gump, a noble living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a pouch of gold and a small dagger. You are awakened by one of your servants who tells you that your keep is under attack. You look out the window and see several red caped figures attacking the walls.
You quickly dress and take up your sword before heading down to stop them.
Witches!" one of the guards shouts as you approach the wall.

> You seduce the witches.
You walk towards the wall, picking your way through the rubble, as you call over to the nearest witch.

> You say "Hey cutie, are you doing anything tonight?"
The witch turns and snarls, his rotten teeth becoming visible as she smiles in anticipation for the kill. The other guards quickly back away as she takes a step closer, her arms outstretched as she runs at you.

> You kiss the witch.
Your lips crash into hers and she collapses onto the rubble, her smile fading as she lies still. You quickly check to make sure she's dead before taking a few steps back.

> You smash your lips onto all the witches.
You sprint forward and leap onto the first witch. Your hands grab her arms as you push yourself up, your lips crushing against hers as she gasps before you launch yourself onto the next witch.

> You shake your booty.
The final witch turns and runs before you, leaping up and grabbing her.

> You begin to dance seductively.
You drop to your knees and begin to move suggestively. The final witch takes a few steps back, her eyes wide as you push yourself onto your knees and begin to wiggle your bum.

> You say "Come hither, you tender young thing."
"No!" the final witch screams.
It's too late though; you had already launched yourself into the air as you screamed the last few words.

> You say "I came in like a wrecking ball!"
You hit the witch as she stands overwhelmed by your talent, her bones shattering as you smash into her. Her limp body hits the ground as you get up and sigh contentedly.
"It's done!"

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